Why Sell On Badrinath ki dukaan

Sell on BadrinathKiDukaan.com?

Ours is exclusive online e-commerce portal for Organic and chemical free products. You can showcase your products to crores of customers & businesses – 24 hours a day on India’s exclusive Organic products online shopping destination. Start your growth journey with us and expand your business reach.

Secure payments,regularly

Funds are safely deposited directly to your bank account, even for Pay on Delivery orders, every 7-14 days.

Pack and Ship your orders directly 

If you need Badrinath Shipping support, share your requirement separately. Our team will establish shipping system with our partners. Applicable charges will be as per partner agreement.

Services to help you through every step  
Get paid support from certified professionals for product photography, account management and much more. 
 Advertise and get your products noticed 
With a chance to be visible on page 1 of BadrinathKiDukaan searches,targeted ads can help boost     your sales. What’s more, you pay only when customers click. 


Bulk requirement from customers around the world  

When you sign up for BadrinathKiDukaan , you get advantage and can reach customers for bulk supply requirements. Organic and chemical free products are in huge demand for global requirement.

Get Help from Experts 

Need help with listing your products? Want to learn how to operate Seller Central?
Our network of qualified service partners will help you with everything you need to be successful on the BadrinathKiDukaan marketplace. From  shooting great images for your products to transporting them, our service  providers help you with every step of selling online.
  • Get support at the time and place of your choice 
  • BadrinathKiDukaan partner experts ensure great quality. Our partner Professional Service Providers and trained experts can help you with:
  • Imaging and Catalogue for your products 
  • Advertising your products 
  • Managing your BadrinathKiDukaan account 
  • Enhance the content of your catalogue by adding rich product  descriptions, features and product videos for better sales conversions 
  • Get expert help in tax registration and filing your taxes based on the  income you make from BadrinathKiDukaan 
  • Implement expert accounting solutions ranging from the most profitable business model you can use, to developing and maintaining an accounting system 
How to sell on BadrinathKiDukaan 
Selling online on BadrinathKiDukaan is an easy and effective way to reach millions of potential health and environment conscious buyers. Whether you want to sell a little or sell a lot, BadrinathKiDukaan provides you the required tools and services to sell online successfully. To sell on BadrinathKiDukaan is a simple process.Follow the steps below to know how to sell on BadrinathKiDukaan.

1. Register your seller account

To become a BadrinathKiDukaan seller, all you need is your tax information (GST Number & PAN, depending on your category) and an active bank account.

Once you register, you will have access to Seller Central, your one-stop portal for all your selling needs. 

2. Upload your listings 

Once you’ve registered to sell online, you will need to list your products. Use our easy-to-use listing tools on Seller Central. Our technical team is available to support you for listing.
If you need support with product photography, cataloguing or anything listing related, you can always hire professionals from our  partner service providers with best quality and economy. 

3. Customers see and buy your products

By listing your products on BadrinathKiDukaan, you can reach millions of potential customers & businesses every day. 

You can also advertise on BadrinathKiDukaan with Sponsored Products and target customers relevant to you. 

4. Deliver your products to the customer 

When an order has been placed for one of your products, BadrinathKiDukaan notifies you by email as well as in your Seller Central dashboard​.

5. Receive your payment  

Payment for your sales (minus the BadrinathKiDukaan Seller fees) is deposited securely into your bank account every 7-14 days*, including your Pay on Delivery orders.

You can view your deposited balance along with tips to grow and expand your business in your Seller Central account. 
*This payment cycle will begin post account verification 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Sell on BadrinathKiDukaan? 

Sell on BadrinathKiDukaan is a program that enables you to list and sell your product on India’s exclusive online e-commerce market place BadrinathKiDukaan.com 

How does selling on BadrinathKiDukaan.com work? 

Selling on BadrinathKiDukaan.com is easy. First you list the products that you want to sell on BadrinathKiDukaan.com marketplace. Customer sees your product and makes a purchase. You will receive a notification to ship the product. You deliver the product to the customer and confirm shipment . BadrinathKiDukaan will deposit the funds into your bank account after deducting fees.

What products can I sell on BadrinathKiDukaan.com? 

You can sell items in the following categories:Organic and Chemical free products.Please note that certain categories are restricted and require prior approval before you can start selling. Any item termed illegal as per Government of India  or any regulatory authority should not be listed on this portal.

What do I need to register as a seller on BadrinathKiDukaan.com? 

You will need the following information to register: 
  • Your business details 
  • Your contact details – email and phone number 
  • Basic information about your business

Tax Registration Details (PAN and GST). GST Details are mandatory if you are listing taxable goods and need to be provided at the time of registration.

I don’t have a website, can I still sell on BadrinathKiDukaan.com? 

You don’t need a website to start selling on BadrinathKiDukaan.com marketplace. Once your registration is complete, you will have access to our Seller platform using which you can list your products for sale on BadrinathKiDukaan.com .  

Can I sell outside India through BadrinathKiDukaan.com marketplace? 

Presently No. At this time BadrinathKiDukaan.com marketplace allows shipments only within India. However we have a separate bulk requirements system and you will be connected if you can meet bulk order requirements.

If I list my products using Sell on BadrinathKiDukaan, will the customer know that they are purchasing from me on  BadrinathKiDukaan.com marketplace

We will clearly indicate on our product detail pages and offer listing pages that the product is sold by you and the invoice will carry your name

What are the charges for selling on BadrinathKiDukaan? 

We charge you when you get an order. Listing on BadrinathKiDukaan.com is free. Refer to Pricing for more details. 

Can I cancel my account? 

You can stop selling at any time. If you have availed any paid BadrinathKiDukaan services, contact seller support to get them removed and settlement

How and when do I get paid? 

BadrinathKiDukaan will disburse payments to your bank account  weekly. You will be eligible to get paid for the order 7-14 days* after the order is confirmed as shipped. 
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